Thanksgiving: Can We Find Gratitude in Caregiving?

Fallblurred2Caring for our aging loved ones can be exhausting, frustrating, demanding and time consuming. Since November marks National Alzheimer's Awareness Month, we’re honoring Alzheimer’s caregivers, but November is also National Caregiver’s Month. Thanksgiving, as another November holiday, reminds me to think of ways that caregiving, tough as it can be, also offers caregivers a time to note the special blessings we’ve received when we are open to recognizing the gifts. After all, caring for one another is, in my view, one of the answers to “why are we here.

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Holidays Can Re-open Wounds from Past Loss

WinterHIllsDear Carol: As the holidays approach I’m facing the second anniversary of my husband’s death from cancer. Until he entered hospice care, he’d endured months of misery and pain. With hospice, he was able to find comfort and we had some wonderful talks together before he became too ill to communicate. His death was pain free and dignified. We’ve both had long lives, so why is this time of year so hard for me? I have a loving son and daughter-in-law as well as two grandchildren. I feel guilty about being angry and frustrated when I should be feeling grateful for memories of a happy marriage and a good life now. How do I get past this? -  Mattie

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People with Dementia Find Renewed Confidence While Playing In Orchestra

Guitar4Alzheimer’s is a global issue that is on track to bankrupt worldwide health systems if a cure is not found. Therefore, funding for research is paramount, not just for those who have the disease but for all generations. However, large numbers of the people who have Alzheimer’s or another form of dementia at this time are trying to make the point that it is equally important to put imagination, research and funding into how to care for those who already have this incurable disease.

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