Dear Readers: We had some nightmarish situations before the Covid-19 pandemic, but this has created scenarios in our caregiving life we’d never considered. Physical distance from those we want to help. Isolation when they – and we – need each other more than ever. Fear of death as we’ve never known it. However, if we are to survive, we must continue to have hope. Read more →

I frequently get e-mails from people whose siblings are happy to let them step up to the plate and handle all of their parents’ care. Yet these same siblings put up a fight when the primary caregivers wish to make changes to the care plan that require even the smallest amount of money. Read more →

While occasionally you’ll meet an elder who willingly turns over all decisions to others, most will continue to want their autonomy. They want to make the decisions that rule their lives. Read more →

Dear Mom’s Keeper: You sound like a caring daughter with understandable concerns. If it’s any comfort, parents resisting help is a common problem faced by adult children. For some, the concern is about cognitive problems, which thankfully isn’t an issue here, but each requires a somewhat different approach. You, along with most adult children, want to see your mother stay safe. Read more →