...Geriatric care management is a rapidly growing field in the elder care industry. As most caregivers know, researching and coordinating all the care options and resources available for aging loved ones is a never-ending process. Many would rather Read more →

...Getting used to this new normal will take some sacrifices from everyone in your family. It’s important to have a frank discussion with your kids and your spouse. If your parents are still cognitively sound, it’s important to talk with them, too, Read more →

...While my sons didn’t find the prospect of my death fun to talk about, they dutifully listened to the details of the plan I had created and where they could find these important papers should they need them. Regardless of who wishes to avoid end-of-life conversations, they must take place. Read more →

...Sometimes the difficult dynamics between a caregiver and a care recipient have been deeply ingrained for many years. If your elderly parent or spouse has always been the dominating personality in your relationship, Read more →

...As family caregivers, we take on the expectations of our culture, our religion, our family. And then we take on the expectations of our toughest critic: ourselves. Negative thinking can easily become a damaging Read more →